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About Mitch

Mitch Conlon has more than three decades of experience as a trusted advocate for clients. Mitch spent 12 years building and managing his own fee-only financial planning firm, and later cofounded Conlon Dart Wealth Management, which joined EP Wealth Advisors in 2019. A Puget Sound native, Mitch began his career in the New York area, before returning with his family to Seattle, where he continued to build his financial planning and wealth management practice. Mitch enjoys helping clients work through important complex decisions, including the pursuit of long-held goals. A photography enthusiast, Mitch also enjoys reading and traveling to new destinations. He lives in Seattle with his wife and has two grown daughters.

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University of Washington, B.A.

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Mitch works in our Seattle office in Washington, see their office information here.
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Financial Tip

While difficult to pull off at times, stick to your approach and don’t get too discouraged when things aren’t going well. I realize this is an often repeated message, but most successful investors do a great job of getting out of their own way. They don’t over-react to daily market noise; they avoid crowd think; and most importantly, they maintain a long view. Learning how not to undermine your plan takes a learned sense of detachment, and some courage, but it will pay off. If you have a 401(k), or similar, this is a great place to put those characteristics to work.