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$15.1bn EP Wealth Shakes Up C-suite

‘In Sickness and in Health’ Shouldn’t End with Divorce

Divorce is difficult enough but when a spouse or dependent child has health issues, the stakes are even higher. Before parting ways, it's critical that gray divorcees plan for future healthcare and long-term care expenses. Kathy Costas, Vice President at EP Wealth, discusses three major areas to think through before signing the divorce papers.

Volatility Is Likely To Remain Elevated: Stick With Industrials & Energy

Managing Director of Portfolio Strategy Adam Phillips talks about how volatility is likely to remain elevated over the coming months. He also discusses the best investment strategies amid recent volatility. He then goes over his sector picks which include industrials and energy. Tune in to find out more.

Smart Strategies for Couples Who Run a Business Together

Co-founder and Managing Director Brian Parker shared with @Kiplinger his thoughts on what couples should be thinking about when starting a business together.

The Economy's Role In President Biden's State Of The Union Address

Managing Director of Portfolio Strategy Adam Phillips appears on Newsy to preview President Biden’s State of the Union address. He notes that historically, the President’s approval rating closely correlates with the price of gas.

Looking To Build Wealth? Here Are Some of the Best Ways To Invest Your Money

Financial Advisor Dallin Cutler discusses strategies for investing your money to build wealth. He mentions high-yield online savings accounts as a way to keep your money safe in the short-term.

Competition, Consolidation Heats Up Among Wealth Advisors

The highly fragmented RIA industry has caught the acquisitive eyes of the private equity sector and others who want to cobble together partnerships.

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