EP Giving Tree

EP Wealth's Giving Tree

We believe philanthropy is about generosity in all its many forms – time, treasure, and talent. Our charitable initiatives take full advantage of our resources in each of these areas.

Summit 2024

Summit 2024

Operation Gratitude

All of EPWA came together for a firm wide event collaborating with Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that provides meaningful opportunities to express appreciation to our military and first responder Communities. We were able to create 250 hygiene care packages, over 200 handwritten thank you cards, and braided 250 paracord lanyards with carabiner clips (they can use 100 different ways in an emergency situation).  

blood drive-3

Heart Blood Drive

American Red Cross

This firm wide initiative showed participation across 12 offices and 55 people who rolled up their sleeves and opened their hearts. We donated a total of 60 units of blood. This means up to 180 lives saved by EP Employees!!

pro bono (1)

Pro Bono Financial Planning Day

Financial Planning Association & LA Public Library

We volunteered with the Financial Planning Association and spent a Saturday at the LA Public Library providing one-on-one sessions with members of the LA community

_spcla Torrance



  • The Torrance team volunteered at spcaLA to sort donated pet supplies from local grocery stores. It was very inspirational to help this shelter and give back to this organization that helps animals that are at risk and need homes.

  • Testimonial: Having a Charity Committee as a part of our culture here at EP is absolutely incredible! Being able to volunteer is such an amazing gift. It allows us to provide for the worthy organizations out here trying to make the world a better place.

    - Team Torrance
Irvine Team Picture Farm Day


Second Harvest

  • The Team went to the farm and assisted with digging and pulling out weeds from the garden. The produce that is grown there goes to the food banks throughout Orange County providing 50,000 - 60,000 of fresh produce.

  • Testimonial: The Charity committee allows our team to take a step back from their everyday work of helping clients to then take time to slow down and focus on helping the community around us who are ultimately our stakeholders.

    - Team Irvine
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West LA

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk

  • 5 of us walked 1.5 miles around Exposition Park raising awareness for Breast Cancer research.

  • Testimonial: Our hope on behalf of EP Wealth is to help others who are not presently able to help themselves and build communities in all the markets in which we live and work. Doing these kinds of activities not only builds communities around us but we have found they build stronger communities within EP and our team.

    - Team West LA
SD Food Bank 2

San Diego

San Diego Food Bank

  • The San Diego team participated in cleaning and packaging fresh produce such as potatoes, onions, and canned goods. We worked together to inspect, sort, box, and label all food donations.

  • Testimonial: In close collaboration with our local community members, the San Diego team made a substantial difference for families and individuals grappling with food scarcity. Our involvement extended beyond volunteering, encompassing partnerships with local businesses and organizations that shared our dedication through the Food Bank. Amidst these efforts, we also discovered a heightened sense of unity within our team, nurturing stronger connections among colleagues.

    - Team San Diego
Chicago Feed My Starving Children group photo April_ 2023


Feed My Starving Children

  • We were with a large group of people packing meals. Between all of us, we packed 47,584 meals, which enables 103 children to have a daily meal for a year.

  • Testimonial: EP's charitable commitment, spearheaded by the Charity Committee, is the "walk" behind the "talk." It's all too easy to lament about problems and criticize the lack of solutions. In today's challenging and busy world, so many talk about what should be done. What is needed is doers, not talkers. We are proud of EP's resolve to act, not posture. Thanks to all on the charity committee who lead us to take action to evoke change and make positive things happen.

    - Team Chicago
Colorado FBR 2023


Food Bank of the Rockies

  • We helped sort through 23 pallets of food into different categories: meals, dry drinks, drinks, bulk, not bulk, cereals, baby food, pet food, spices, snacks, and deserts. Etc.

  • Testimonial: For the Colorado office, it gives us an opportunity to help people in our local community.

    - Team Colorado
Capture (2)


Festival of Trees

  • For 5 hours, 15 volunteers assisted in the Kiddie Korner where we helped children with simple craft activities in exchange for tickets that they purchased. All funds raised support Primary Children's Hospital and providing care to families in need

  • Testimonial: The charity committee allows us to foster a sense of community and social responsibility within the workplace, while also making a positive impact on our local communities.

    - Team Utah 
Group everyone


Ballard Food Bank

  • We volunteered at Ballard Food Bank to assemble dry food bags, separate chicken packets to freeze, organize the hygiene section, wipe down all their shelves in their grocery store, and prep double grocery bags.

  • Testimonial: The need for connection is ingrained in us as human beings. We rely on others for support during good and bad times. True fulfillment doesn’t lie in material possessions, but rather in making a difference in the lives of others. Giving back means connecting to our community, understanding the immediate needs, and providing care and support

- Team Seattle

Walnut Creek-Berkeley

Walnut Creek/Berkeley

Oakland Elizabeth House

  • NorCal had a great experience bagging forty, 50 pound bags of onions, 2 pallets of oranges, and 1000 cans of tomatoes with the Oakland Elizabeth House.

  • Testimonial: Working with the charity committee at EP has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether it is making food bags at the Contra Costa Food Bank or collecting donations for Oakland Elizabeth House, it has always been more than just volunteering. These experiences have given NorCal the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community and work with passionate colleagues who share the same goals. This has not only strengthened our team spirit, but also allowed us to witness the real difference we can make together.”

- Team Walnut Creek/Berkeley


Greater Portland Region and Vancouver

Rose Haven Day Shelter & Community Center

  • 7 members of our team volunteered at the center to help sort donations, clean storage areas and supplies, and help craft decorations for their biggest fundraiser: The Annual Mother’s Day Reigning Roses Walk.

  • Testimonial: EP Wealth’s Charity Initiative not only grants us the time, but also encourages us to spend it practicing one of our core values: Connection. Our desire to assist, comfort and give as much of ourselves as possible to folks who need it most is a large part of our team culture that builds a space to bond with our community.

- Team Greater Portland Region and Vancouver


We encourage our employees to become personally involved in altruism by volunteering in their local communities. We support these efforts by granting each employee paid time off for eight hours of volunteer work per year.


The "EP Wealth Advisors Charitable Fund" empowers staff in each region to select causes and nonprofits to support that represent our core values. In this way, our charitable efforts reflect the diverse priorities of the communities we serve.  In 2023, EP Wealth launched a new scholarship promoting diversity in financial services.  The Lynn Ballou Scholarship will provide financial support and mentorship opportunities for underrepresented groups pursuing the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.


Our experienced financial professionals look for ways to share their knowledge with individuals who might not otherwise have access. Through partnerships with local organizations, we provide year-round volunteering. 


140 Organizations Supported     •   516+ Employee Volunteer Hours   •    $119,000 Donations in 2023

92 Organizations Supported     •   218+ Employee Volunteer Hours   •    $78,000 Donations in 2022

59 Organizations Supported     •   190+ Employee Volunteer Hours   •    $49,000 Donations in 2021


The combination of financial knowledge, fiscal resources, and motivated team members across our offices creates a powerful formula for achieving progress on many of the important issues facing our communities today.

- Derek Holman, Co-founder


EP Wealth Co-founder Derek Holman, and Director of Employee Enrichment, Sherryl Ray, participate in the local "Tour the Pier", a cancer fundraiser where participants come together for a 5 hour outdoor, stationary bike ride.


Our breadth of coverage across the U.S. means we’re local—here to serve your needs at your convenience.