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Invest In What's Important

EP Wealth’s commitment to “Invest In What’s Important” refers to more than the priority we place on helping our clients fulfill their personal goals. Our vision also encompasses the emphasis we place on the community as one of our Core Values. Many members of our staff are passionate about helping in any way they can. Their enthusiasm makes it easy to launch a charity committee dedicated to effectively selecting organizations that are making a difference in our local offices. 

EP Wealth's Giving Tree

We hold the belief that philanthropy is about generosity in all its many forms – Time, Treasure, and Talent. Our charitable initiatives are structured to take full advantage of our resources in each of these areas.

Time: We encourage all employees to become personally involved in altruism by volunteering in their local communities. We support these efforts by granting each employee eight hours of volunteer work per year.

Treasure: The "EP Wealth Advisors Charitable Fund," empowers staff in each region to decide on a variety of causes and nonprofits they would like to support to represent our core values. In this way, we seek to ensure that our charitable efforts reflect the diverse priorities of the communities we serve.

Talent: Our experienced financial experts possess a wealth of talent, and we look for ways to share that knowledge with individuals who might not otherwise have access. Through partnerships with our local organizations, we are able to give year-round volunteering. 


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"The need for connection is ingrained in us as human beings. We rely on others for support during good and bad times. True fulfillment doesn’t lie in material possessions, but rather in making a difference in the lives of others. Giving back means connecting to our community, understanding what the immediate needs are, and providing care and support."

Team Seattle


Corporate Philanthropy and Employee Giving

59 Organizations Supported
$49k+ Donated in 2021
190+ Employee Volunteer Hours

Why We Give Back


"The combination of financial knowledge, fiscal resources, and motivated team members across our offices create a powerful formula for achieving progress on many of the important issues facing our communities today.”

- Derek Holman, Managing Director/Founder