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Retirement Planning

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When Can You Retire?

Do you catch yourself asking, “I wonder at what age I can retire?”

At EP Wealth Advisors, we help you answer that question. And if the answer is “not soon enough” then we will provide retirement planning advice to help you get on track to retire.

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How to Plan for Retirement: Identifying the Gap

Daydreaming about retiring can be inspiring but thinking about retirement is different from planning for retirement. Every retirement plan has to balance three main goals:

  1. Maximize your enjoyment of retirement
  2. Manage the risk of outliving your income
  3. Manage the risk of unexpected life events and investment risk

The difference between your annual income needed and your retirement income streams is your gap, and that’s what needs to be solved with your savings and investments, including real estate. Retirement income is usually defined by Social Security and pensions. You may have a handle on current expenses, but many expenses change in retirement, like health care, long term care, travel, etc. The gap between income and expenses may give us an idea of the annual income needed in retirement. The gap gives your personal financial plan a clear objective for your investment portfolio, which may also include real estate. 

A general rule of thumb is that you’ll need 60-90% of your pre-retirement income, but that can change for every person which is why we create a personal financial plan, custom investment portfolio and meet with you and review your plan. Your life and plan can't be perfectly defined by rules of thumb. That's why we're here to tailor the financial advice to your specific situation. 

EP Wealth's Retirement Planning Process

Creating a retirement plan personalized to you and your goals is the purpose of retirement planning at EP Wealth Advisors. We call this plan your Peace of Mind Plan, and it has a 4-step process to match.



In our discovery phase, we have two goals: one is to understand what a happy retirement looks like to you and the other to understand where you’re at with your finances. Your EP Wealth Advisor will share a Document Checklist to begin gathering the documents to help create your retirement plan.



Your EP Wealth Advisor Team will present your Retirement Plan, which will include a cash flow projections and stress testing of your plan under 1,000 trials called a Monte Carlo Analysis. As a take away, you’ll receive prioritized steps intended to help you achieve your retirement goals, as well as a personalized portfolio based on your needs, risk tolerance and goals.



Your EP Wealth Advisor will start following up on the prioritized steps from your retirement plan. This may include: developing a tax plan with a CPA, drawing up proper estate documents with an estate attorney, or helping insure you according to your financial plan and protect your loved ones. Your EP Wealth team will invest your into a diversified portfolio aligned with your goals and risk tolerance.



You’ll meet regularly with your EP Wealth Advisor to review your retirement plan. Updates will be made to your plan based on changes in your life. You’ll receive quarterly performance reports and have access to: client events, educational webinars, and newsletters.

Financial Advisors for Retirement Planning

Stop dreaming, start planning, and talk to an EP Wealth Advisor today about creating your own retirement plan!

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Whatever retirement means to you, we hope you enjoy the most of it. If planned thoroughly, you can have peace of mind from being organized and prepared to handle uncertainties of life. If you want additional help, please contact us today to speak with an EP Wealth Advisor.

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