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Financial Planning

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The Importance of Financial Planning

A successful financial plan is about more than portfolio performance. It’s a pathway that takes you from where you are to where you truly want to be.

That’s why the EP Wealth Advisors® financial planning process starts with the relationship between you and your financial advisor.

Developing a partnership that ensures we understand your goals lets us help you prioritize and organize your financial decisions—so you can achieve peace of mind and live your life.

Align your finances with your life goals. Create a financial plan today.

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What is Financial Planning? 

Financial Planning starts by organizing your finances and investments so you have a clear picture of your net worth. From there, you identify life goals that you have and back into budgets, investments, insurance requirements, estate plans and tax plans as a means to create a pathway from where you are to where you want to go, budgeted out and accounted for. 


Financial Health Assessment

For investors with more than $500,000 talk to us about a free Financial Health Assessment today!

Financial Planning Analyses and Services

Your Financial Advisor team will go in detail to craft your personal financial plan, with specific analysis available if necessary, including:

EP Wealth Advisors Financial Planning Process

Discover: We spend the time with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your current needs, future goals, and personal or family ambitions—the crucial context needed to plan, invest, and forge an effective partnership.

Prioritize: You’ll receive a tailored financial plan that helps you define your goals and organize your financials. This foundation allows us to make thoughtful decisions together that are in your long-term best interest.

Implement:  This step includes creating an investment portfolio strategically structured by our in-house investment team, balanced by your short-, medium-, and long-term goals and risk tolerance. 

Monitor: Our goal is to limit the surprises, and our responsibility is to continually keep you informed through transparent reporting and proactive recommendations aligned to your goals and objectives. When you have questions, we will be there to find the right answers for you.

Financial Advisors Near You

EP Wealth has provided financial advice for retirees, executives, entertainment professionals, professional athletes, engineers, doctors, lawyers, divorcees, widows/widowers, LGBTQ community, real estate investment owners, foundations, and small business owners. Connect with an advisor near you.

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