Financial Planning: The architecture of financial security

A successful financial plan is about more than portfolio performance. It’s a pathway that takes you from where you are to where you truly want to be.

That’s why the EP Wealth Advisors financial planning process starts with the relationship between you and your financial advisor. How do you value a financial coach? Developing a partnership that ensures we understand your goals lets us help you prioritize and organize your financial decisions—so you can achieve peace of mind and live your life.

Working with real estate agent

Our financial planning process includes four steps:

All your financial documentation, insurance, real estate, and legal documents are consolidated in one place.

We evaluate your current situation from a big-picture perspective, which may include cash flow, risk assessment, real estate, small business needs, estate plans, tax strategies, retirement investment accounts and education investments.

You’ll receive a financial probability analysis that shows the likelihood of achieving your goals with your current situation.

You’ll get a recommendation on how to better achieve your goals that goes far beyond your investment portfolio. EP Wealth Advisors is not in the business of providing legal analysis or advice. Please consult an attorney regarding all legal matters.

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