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No two financial situations are the same, so no two financial plans should be either.

At EP Wealth Advisors, we consider every aspect of a person’s financial picture to ensure we craft a plan tailored to their needs and goals. While the nuances of every person’s situation is unique, here are some of the ways we tailor a portfolio to the needs of certain clients.

Financial Advisors for Retirees

Having already spent most of their adult life preparing for retirement, retirees are often concerned most with capital preservation, steady cashflows, or tax efficient wealth transfer. At EP Wealth Advisors®, we work with retirees to make sure they can enjoy the fruits of their labors by modeling out and planning throughout their retirement.

Financial Advisors for Executives

Executives often take a large portion of their compensation in stock; creating a concentrated, undiversified position in the investment portfolio. We work with executives to divest and diversify this risk in a tax efficient manner so they can get back to their careers.

Financial Advisors for Small Business Owners

With little time on their hands as it is, business owners can have a stellar professional operation, but keep their business and personal finances very separate. We help these clients first integrate their business and personal finances so they can have a complete picture of their financial health and then help them fill in any gaps; whether that be through tax efficient retirement plans, employee benefit plans, or insurance coverages.

Financial Advisors for Entertainment Professionals

Entertainment professionals often have made a career for themselves without the need for a strong knowledge of business. We come in and serve as a financial and business advisor to these clients by helping them structure a plan around their work and prepare for possible volatility in earnings.

Financial Advisors for Professional Athletes

Professional athletes have a deep focus on their sport, and thinking about finances can add anxiety and complexity. We often help these clients develop a budget to handle influxes of capital in a way that will help high earnings last well after their sports career ends.

Financial Advisors for Engineers

Being an engineer requires precision, engineers love to get into the details of their portfolio positions and the Monte Carlo analyses of their financial plans. We dive deep with these clients to explore and optimize every aspect of their financial plan, whether that be tax planning, different scenarios in monte carlo simulations, or choice of insurance policies.

Financial Advisors for Doctors

Whether doctors are part of their own Independent Physician Association or a Medical Group, doctors may have tax opportunities like small business owners or compensation packages that allow for them to scale back before they fully retire . We help these clients understand just what it is they already have and then identify and fill the gaps.

Financial Advisors for Lawyers

Lawyers often come to us asking for help in taking some of the stress out of their life. They do not have time to process the portfolio implications of their partnerships or defined benefit plans. EP Wealth helps lawyers understand the benefits they have, as well as analyze the diversification implications of being an owner in a partnership. As a business structure, partnerships have unique liquidity and estate transfer implications.

Financial Advisors for Divorcees

Coming to us at one of the most complex and emotional points in their lives, recent and soon-to-be divorcees need help understanding where they’ve financially landed after their life has been turned upside down. We work with these clients to account for each piece of financial information available to create a complete picture of their financial health, which we then use to create a plan for moving on in life.

Check out our divorce financial planning services!

Divorce Financial Planning Services

Financial Advisors for Widows and Widowers

Much like divorcees, widows and widowers come to us just after going through immense hardship, looking for help moving forward. Often already having some sort of financial plan in place, we help these clients recreate that plan to account for this change in circumstances so they can move on with their next phase of life.

Financial Advisors for the LGBTQ+ Community

Our financial advisors work with LGBTQ+ clients  to understand the current legal and regulatory landscape as it pertains to benefits plans, estate planning, and marital rights, so that the financial plan we craft accounts for them properly.

Financial Advisors for Real Estate Investors

With a large portion of their net worth tied up in illiquid, undiversified real estate holdings, property owners often want help diversifying away some of that risk in a tax efficient manner, while still maintaining their wealth-creating real estate positions. We help these clients create tailored investment portfolios diversified from their real estate holdings, as well evaluate purchases and sales of properties.

Financial Advisors Near You

EP Wealth has provided financial advice for retirees, executives, entertainment professionals, professional athletes, engineers, doctors, lawyers, divorcees, widows/widowers, LGBTQ community, real estate investment owners, foundations, and small business owners. Connect with an advisor near you.

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