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Understanding your entire financial picture helps us craft a plan tailored to your personal financial needs and wealth goals. While the nuances of every person’s circumstances are unique, here are some of the ways we tailor a plan based on your stage in life, profession, and goals.


After spending most of your adult life preparing for retirement, you want sufficient cashflow to enjoy it. As a retiree, you also may be concerned about capital preservation and/or tax efficient wealth transfer. We work with retirees to create plans designed to help you enjoy the fruits of your labor throughout your retirement.


Executives often take a large portion of their compensation in stock, creating a concentrated, undiversified position in their investment portfolio. We work with executives to divest and diversify your risk in a tax-efficient manner, so your investments are well managed while you continue to focus on your career.

Entertainment Professionals

Entertainment professionals often face the unique financial challenge of irregular earnings. We serve as your financial and business advisor by helping you structure a plan around your work and prepare for fluctuations in your income.

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes often earn a significant amount of money for a short period of time, facing the risk of injury or aging out of the sport they play. If you’re a professional athlete, we help you develop a budget to handle influxes of capital in a way that will help your earnings last well after your sports career ends. Learn more here


Engineers often enjoy learning the details of their portfolio positions and financial plans. We are always happy to sit down with you to explore and optimize every aspect of your financial plan, including tax planning, Monte Carlo simulations, or choice of insurance policies.


Whether you are part of an Independent Physician Association or a Medical Group, as a doctor, you may have tax opportunities similar to small business owners, or a compensation package that allows you to scale back before you fully retire. We help you understand what you already have and then identify and fill the gaps.


Lawyers often come to us for help in taking some of the stress out of their lives. As a busy attorney, you may not have time to consider the financial complexities of your partnership agreement or defined benefit plan. EP Wealth Advisors helps you understand your benefits and analyzes the diversification implications of being an owner in a partnership. And we help you take advantage of the unique liquidity and estate planning considerations available in partnerships.


Going through divorce is an emotional transition, and you may need help understanding where you’ve landed financially after your life has been turned upside down. We work with you before, during and after your divorce to assemble a complete picture of your financial health and create a plan for moving on and feeling in control of your future.


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Widows and Widowers

Much like divorcees, widows and widowers come to us after experiencing a significant loss, looking for help to move forward. If you’ve lost your spouse, we help you reassess your financial plan to account for your new circumstances so you can move forward with your next phase of life.

LGBTQ+ Community

The changing LGBTQ+ landscape has redefined the tools available to you and your family to plan your financial future. Our financial advisors work with LGBTQ+ clients to create plans that are sensitive to the current and changing legal and regulatory landscape as it pertains to benefits plans, estate planning, and marital rights, so that the financial plans we craft will help you now and in the future.

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Real Estate Investors

When you invest in real estate, a large portion of your net worth may be tied up in illiquid, undiversified real estate holdings. Many property owners want help diversifying some of that risk in a tax efficient manner, while still maintaining their wealth-creating real estate positions. We help you create a tailored investment portfolio diversified from your real estate holdings, as well as evaluate purchases and sales of properties.


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