For investors with more than $500,000 in investable assets, we evaluate your portfolio based on tax-efficiency, diversification, returns, and risk. We provide portfolio proposals based on Markowitz’ Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Frontier principles that are customized to your goals and financial situation.

In a portfolio review you will receive: 

  • One on one time with an EP Wealth Advisor
  • Analysis of your investment returns, allocation, risk, and tax efficiency
  • An asset allocation recommendation based on your personal financial situation

At EP Wealth Advisors, we go beyond investments to help create financial plans that incorporate tax, estate, and insurance. But we don’t stop there. We help you implement your financial plan by following up with your individual action items.

Also, we understand that it can take some time to develop trust with your new advisor. To help, we offer non-discretionary management, which means that all trades will have to be pre-approved by you. This high-touch offering does come with an increased fee of 25 basis points.


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“You will not be able to control the directional moves of the market. However, maintaining a long-term discipline will allow you to avoid the financial pitfalls that result from succumbing to your emotions during periods of market turmoil.”

Adam Phillips, CFA, CFP® - Director of Portfolio Strategy, EP Wealth Advisors, LLC

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