Finding The Right Retirement Account For You

Your retirement needs and goals are different than your neighbor’s. That is why we work closely with you on retirement planning, work closely with you to gain an understanding of how you envision your future. From there, we create a personalized retirement strategy based on your individual financial situation, your future goals, and your risk tolerance.

We believe portfolio diversity is one of the keys that can possibly mitigate risk and protect your financial future if one of your investments underperforms. We look at traditional SEP IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and other tools to choose the retirement savings accounts most likely to deliver results by the age you want to retire.

We also minimize your tax liabilities by capitalizing on tax-advantaged plans to keep more of your hard-earned assets. We assess your retirement plan so it can align with your continually evolving goals and current market conditions.

Helping You Select and Manage Your Retirement Accounts

EP Wealth retirement planning services tackle five key areas:

Investment Strategy

Retirement planning begins with a solid investment strategy. We assess your risk profile based on your age, health, lifestyle, and your overall financial picture.

Rollover Guidance

It can be difficult to determine when it makes sense to consolidate or transition between accounts. EP Wealth takes the guesswork out of rollovers, advising you on when to transfer your money into another tax-advantaged retirement account, like rolling a 401(k) from an old job into an IRA, for example.

Rollovers can help minimize fees from multiple accounts. A new retirement plan can potentially offer more investment opportunities. Sometimes, a rollover can be just a matter of convenience, with many clients preferring to have their money in one place.

Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate planning and retirement planning are not mutually exclusive. A sound retirement plan integrates your larger estate plan to ensure your assets are passed on to your loved ones, charitable organizations, and other beneficiaries according to your wishes.

Tax Planning

Every retirement planning move has tax implications—for better or worse. There could be contribution and withdrawal strategies that can possibly help to achieve tax benefits and lower the tax liability for you and your beneficiaries.

Who Can Benefit From Our Retirement Accounts Services?

Retirement planning can be considered at every age and stage of life. Today could be a good day to start preparing for retirement.

  • We work with early-career professionals getting a jump-start on their retirement plan.
  • Mid-career individuals can consider EP Wealth to help them reassess their current retirement strategy, and update it as needed.
  • We guide pre-retirees as they enter the “home stretch” to make any necessary adjustments in those last few years before they stop working.
  • Retirees seeking guidance on how and when to withdraw retirement funds based on the tax implications for different plans also trust EP Wealth to help them navigate these critical decisions.

Your Retirement Plan at EP Wealth

With our retirement planning team, you can maximize your enjoyment of life after work, protect against unexpected events and bad investments, and minimize your risk of outliving your income.

Above all else, we are committed to transparent, ethical, and informed financial guidance. Call or contact us online to find an EP Wealth retirement planning advisor near you.


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