Estate Planning: Your lasting impression

The EP Wealth Advisors team works to fulfill your legacy wishes by integrating your objectives into all four steps of our Peace of Mind Planning Model.


We’ll listen to your legacy goals and consolidate all your documents, life insurance policies, retirement plans and other information needed to fulfill them. 

From family and philanthropy to favorite causes, we’ll help you define your legacy.

We will review your current plan and collaborate with you and your attorney to make sure your will, trust and other estate planning documents are up to date. If you don’t already have a plan, we can help you prepare for your meeting with your estate planning attorney so you know what to expect.  We can also review your assets and make sure they are properly titled in conjunction with your estate plan. A properly implemented estate plan will help establish the financial security of your beneficiaries and consider helping protect assets from taxes.

We can be a resource to advise on financial transactions and ensure that your family and charities benefit from your legacy.

EP Wealth Advisors is not in the business of providing legal analysis or advice. Please consult an attorney regarding all legal matters.

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