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Unexpected opportunities and challenges may arise that can dramatically alter your life plans: marriage, children, inheritance, sale of a business, divorce or loss of a spouse are just a few examples.

You may never have experienced these changes, but we have. EP Wealth Advisors® can help simplify these complex transitions so that all involved have financial stability in the next phase of life.

EP Wealth’s Financial Planning Model adapts to your situations:

We listen to your new situation and gather and organize all financial information.

You’ll get a financial recommendation based on our analysis with respect to the new objectives of all individuals involved, including short-term and long-term needs.

Your financial plan and portfolio will be updated to meet your post-event financial objectives. We will balance your new goals with your risk tolerance, reaching beyond securities and equities when appropriate to also encompass real estate, insurance, college funding, wealth transfer and more in a personalized and integrated portfolio.

We will regularly check in on your transition progress and search for proactive recommendations tethered to your new goals and objectives. When you have questions, we will be there to find the right answers for you.

To discuss your specific situation, we invite you to contact one of our advisors.

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