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Jonathan K. DeYoe

Jonathan K. DeYoe

Senior Vice President, Partner

Berkeley, California

  • A proponent of the advice, “Stop predicting, start planning, stay mindful,” he works especially well with artists, entrepreneurs and other creative types who have a driving passion to accomplish something and seek a trusted partner to make the numbers work. It’s important to Jonathan that clients are interested in making the world a better place in some way—not just in getting a faster car, a bigger house or a better vacation.

  • Jonathan has worked in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. Prior to joining EP Wealth Advisors in 2021 his career journey led from being a seminarian and Buddhist academic to a financial advisor. After spending 5 years with large, Wall Street companies (“just enough to know better”), Jonathan launched his own firm, growing it from 6 clients to 280 over the course of 20 years.

  • Jonathan graduated from Montana State University, earning a B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies Graduate Theological Union (Buddhist Studies) and also 3 Years in M.A. program.

  • Jonathan is an avid soccer player. Along with his wife and kids, he also loves hiking and skiing in the mountains, as well as travel and gardening. Jonathan and his wife have volunteered on homeless and healthcare efforts. Recently, he’s been working on bridging the wealth gap in three areas: Financial Education (Mindful Money); College Access (Berkeley Community Scholars & Oakland Promise); and Entrepreneurship (ESO Ventures). He’s also a Rotarian and has a cat named Posey.


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