Ross Millie, MBA

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Senior Wealth Advisor
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About Ross

Ross Millie is a Senior Wealth Advisor. Before merging his firm with EP Wealth Advisors in early 2018, Ross was chief executive officer of Millie Capital Management LLC, a wealth management firm with more than $250 million in assets under management. He founded this firm in Palo Alto in 1991. Earlier in his career, he served as vice president of a Menlo Park-based wealth management firm providing security analysis and financial planning services. He was formerly employed by the Bechtel Group in San Francisco in the corporate planning and investment departments, and taught a graduate school course in security analysis as an Adjunct Professor of finance at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Ross holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration degree from Stanford University. Ross resides in Reno, Nevada, and visits clients in Colorado, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and France.

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Stanford University, BSE, MBA

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