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About Rhonda

Rhonda Morgan, JD, is a Senior Estate Planner at EP Wealth Advisors*. Rhonda believes an estate plan should be more than an estate plan; it should be a legacy plan. An estate plan merely says who gets what when; a legacy plan incorporates a client’s personal goals and philosophies and looks to how the plan will work for future generations. She works closely with the client and their advisors to make sure their plan is designed to fit their unique family and financial situation. She has been certified as a specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Prior to joining EP Wealth Advisors, she owned and operated her own law firm which specialized in estate planning, trust administration, probate, conservatorships and small business matters. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California in 2012, graduating at the top of her class while raising three children. She worked as a paralegal for more than a decade before attending law school. Rhonda originally hails from the great State of Texas. Outside of her work at EP Wealth Advisors she enjoys SCUBA diving, rollerblading and hanging out at the beach.
*EP Wealth Advisors is not a law firm or in the business of providing legal advice. As such, Rhonda Morgan, in her role as Senior Estate Planner with EP Wealth Advisors, is unable to provide legal advice or perform legal services.

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Trinity Law School, J.D.

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