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Director of Wealth Advisory
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About Matthew

Matt Crow has been involved in financial services since 1995, when he began work as a stock broker/account officer. A student of economics at the University of Arizona, Matt served as a branch manager at TD Ameritrade for nearly 25 years, where his diverse responsibilities included developing client relationships as well as ensuring seamless client service and adherence to advice practices. A strong believer in the fee-only fiduciary standard as the best way a financial professional can serve client needs in the purest conflict-free manner, Matt joined EP Wealth Advisors in 2020. He truly enjoys working with a team of professional advisors who put clients first and serve them as they would their own families. Matt, his wife Heidi and his two children Ashley and Brendon, enjoy traveling, fishing, camping, golf and the good old movie night together.

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University of Arizona, Economics

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