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Ericka Islas [Littleton]

Ericka Islas

Client Relationship Associate

Littleton, Colorado

  • Ericka always has been curious about the field of wealth management, and she’s eager to explore the ways in which her background in psychology can help her more effectively help others.

  • Ericka honed her skills working with others while still in college by volunteering at local schools where her efforts ranged from helping 1st graders practice their reading to helping high schoolers prepare for college.

  • Ericka Islas had recently graduated from Colorado’s Regis University when she entered the financial services industry with a position at EP Wealth Advisors in 2022.

  • Away from work, Ericka likes live music, reading and having meaningful conversations with those around her. She enjoys listening and learning from the experiences of others, as well as sharing things she’s learned over the years—essential ingredients for success when helping clients achieve their financial goals.


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