401k Deadlines for 2024

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It is time to start looking ahead to important retirement planning dates for 2024. EP Wealth has your 401(k) contribution deadlines for 2024 to maximize your retirement savings and tax deductions.

401(k) Deadlines for 2024

It’s helpful to consider important dates that may impact your retirement plan. Here, we outline 401(k) contribution deadlines for participants and employers to help guide your 2024 retirement plan.

Of course, your 401(k) is just one piece of the retirement planning puzzle. EP Wealth Advisors can assist you in creating smart investing and savings solutions for every age and stage of life.

2024 401(k) Contribution Deadlines for Participants

For most 401(k) plans, the deadline to contribute is December 31, 2024. This deadline also applies to participants who are 50 or older at the end of the calendar year 2024. If their plan permits, they can make catch-up contributions of up to $7,500 by the last day of the year.

For self-employed individuals who own solo 401(k)s, contribution deadlines will vary depending upon the type of business (sole proprietorship, single-member or multiple-member LLC, etc.) and the means of contribution, whether that is by employee deferral or profit-sharing.

Some plans allow contributions up to the tax deadline the following year. Check with your EP Wealth retirement planning advisor for guidance regarding your specific plan.

2024 401(k) Contribution Deadlines for Employers

Generally, employer tax deductions for 401(k) contributions apply to the calendar year in which they are withheld from the employees’ paychecks. However, employers have until the tax deadline to make those contributions.

For 2024, employees can contribute until April 15, 2025. This gives employers a bit more flexibility, especially for those who do one-time contributions or profit-sharing.

What is the deadline to establish a new 401(k)?

If you want to establish a new 401(k) next year to qualify for the same tax year, you must purchase and establish it by December 31, 2024, for a traditional 401(k) or solo 401(k). Keep in mind it can take a few days to weeks to set up a new plan, so work with your EP Wealth advisor to plan accordingly.

At EP Wealth, we know that your 401(k) is just one part of your larger retirement strategy. And no two retirement plans are alike. That is why we provide customized investment and savings solutions to help you potentially reach your personal retirement planning goals. Call or connect online to reach an advisor near you.


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