Women in Finance - Why We Created A Women’s Initiative

At EP Wealth Advisors, we believe that personalized, fiduciary advice is a cornerstone to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

But for years advisors have not adequately addressed a crucial segment: women.

And the market statistics surrounding female investors can be staggering. Women contribute to 42 percent of household incomes, and 66 percent of women are identified as the household decision maker.1 Yet they continue to face pay gaps, investing gaps (the average woman has 68% of her wealth in cash),2 and maternity leave penalties,  all while needing their money to last longer as women are more likely to outlive their male partners.

At the same time, women only represent 23% of financial advisors.3

At EP Wealth Advisors, we believe that by providing women with the right tools and pathways to grow their careers, we can better elevate the EP experience for both our clients and our colleagues. We are dedicated to creating a diverse culture by attracting and promoting women.

EP Wealth Advisors’ “Investing in Women” Initiative

It all started with a lunch.

In a rapidly growing firm, we wanted to bring the women together to simply be acquainted with one another. It turned into a monthly tradition, and after sharing stories, challenges, and successes we were all experiencing, we realized the women of EP Wealth Advisors were creating something much, much bigger. We made a women’s initiative, which we call “Investing In Women.”

We can summarize our mission in the “Three C’s:” colleagues, clients and community. By offering an internal platform for women colleagues to succeed, for clients to partner with advisors and planners to openly discuss the financial issues that most impact their lives, for enriching our communities through education and philanthropic outreach, EP Wealth Advisors hopes to leave a profound footprint on the world around us.

Colleagues - How We Are Creating A Women-Friendly Community at EP Wealth Advisors

We want to provide a workplace culture where women can talk openly about the firm and what can be done to make it better. To do so, we have worked to create defined career paths within departments, career development opportunities, and have begun developing a mentorship program that matches colleagues earlier in their career with a more senior team member in their desired role to help grow and develop. We’ve also increased firm-wide education of the initiative’s goals with the support of the our leadership team to ensure all team members share in the collective objectives and enthusiasm.

Clients - Personal Financial Advisors for Women

We are not just making investment recommendations, but rather helping our clients truly understand their portfolio and how their finances can help them reach their life goals. That’s why our approach is an inclusive process involving all those affected by your financial plan, focused on education and collaboration.

Community - EP Wealth’s Investing In Women In the Community

The Investing in Women initiative extends beyond our firm-wide goals to the larger community. In addition to attending national conferences where key members of our team speak to the benefits of attracting more women and on the rewards of joining the financial planning industry, we’ve focused on educating younger generations on the importance of financial literacy.

Through the creation of EP Wealth’s financial literacy program, we’ve been able to build a bridge to our local communities and host workshops as a way to connect with kids at a young age to discuss money habits and potential careers in finance before they get to college. We believe every young person should have basic financial education, and by empowering future generations to talk about money we can positively impact our shared futures.

Investing in Women – What We Have Done

Since the development of the initiative in 2016, members of Investing in Women have been
involved in the following:

  • Visits to over 10 schools to give presentations on financial literacy and careers in finance
  • The development of a pathway from being an operations associate to advisor
  • Partnership with YWCA to bring financial literacy to groups of women
  • Sponsored and featured speakers at South Bay Women’s Business Association Conference
  • Speakers at Financial Planning Association’s regional and national conferences
  • Speakers at Financial Advisor Magazine’s Invest in Women conference
  • Speakers at Charles Schwab hosted women’s panels
  • Featured guest on So Money podcast
  • A yearly firm-wide culture event for EP Wealth
  • Hosted event and panel for women business owners
  • Hosted event and panel for other local women’s initiatives
  • Quoted in the press by CNBC, MarketWatch, Moneyish, TheStreet, U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, NerdWallet, HuffPost, and GirlBoss, among others.

Investing in Women – Learn How You Can Get Involved

If you are interested in learning more about the career opportunities at EP Wealth, starting your own
women’s initiative, or becoming a client, please contact us here.

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