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About Missy

Mary Ann (Missy) Westbrook has more than 35 years of experience working closely with an investment advisor. Missy joined the EP Wealth Advisors team as a consultant in 2022. She enjoys being involved in wealth management because it serves as a great vehicle to help people—often women who are intimidated by financial jargon and the market at large. Missy’s background has helped her develop the skills to assist people tactfully in a way that empowers them, while maintaining a sense of humor that helps keep important financial decisions in perspective. Missy also has a strong appreciation for the challenges of business-owing clients. She is the co-founder, with responsibility for staffing and HR, of a family-owned, high-end specialty masonry contracting company with a 30-year history of servicing private estates and public spaces. She also has decades of experience working with an entrepreneur who is a C-level executive staffing specialist. Outside of work, Missy and her husband Ed are extensively involved in volunteer work, including the finance committee and trail crew, for Friends of China Camp. This non-profit organization has since been responsible since 2012 for keeping China Camp State Park in Marin County open in the face of closure. Missy and Ed also enjoy any time they can spend with their nearby children and grandchildren.

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Missy works in our Walnut Creek office in California, see their office information here.
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