For investors with more than $500,000 in investable assets, we offer a Financial Health Assessment. It starts with a one on one conversation with an EP Wealth Advisor, who’s focused on understanding your goals. Then, we will assess your investments, income, expenses, insurance, and other relevant information to understand your current financial situation. As necessary, we will help provide you with actionable next steps intended to more efficiently achieve your goals.

In a Financial Health Assessment, you will get:

  • One-on-one time with an EP Wealth Advisor
  • An interactive evaluation of your finances, including the probability of achieving your goals - known as a Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Recommended next steps to help your finances and investments


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*The free financial health assessment referenced here is limited to, and can only be provided to, individuals with $500,000 or more in investable assets. The health assessment is limited to an initial call or meeting with an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) of EP Wealth Advisors, LLC to discuss and assess your current financial situation and a subsequent follow-up meeting or call to share our thoughts. No additional services will be provided. EP Wealth Advisors’ obligation is limited to extending an offer to provide these services. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting the free health assessment to accept the service offered. No guarantee or warranty can be made that any of the information discussed or relayed in these meetings will be suitable or relevant. The free financial health assessment is limited in nature and is not intended to be regarded as an attempt to provide comprehensive financial advice.