Developing Your Future with EP Wealth – Financial Services and Wealth Management Internship

If you’re a student, you may be looking for opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world projects.  By working on real projects with real professionals, an internship can help develop your skills, your resume, and your personal growth. It could prove this is the field for you or show you exactly what you don’t want to do! Either way, the connections, and knowledge will be a valuable experience.

Find Your Path with EP Wealth's Internship Program

EP Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with more than $5 Billion in client assets based out of Torrance, CA. Here at EP Wealth, we are fiduciaries, which means we are obligated to provide financial and investment advice in the best interest of our clients.

Our internship program coordinates one to two hour blocks with different departments that may include our Portfolio Management, Finance, Compliance, Operations, Financial Planning, Marketing and Advisor teams. You will work on projects specific to each department and the program will culminate with an enrichment session where you’ll get a deep dive on a department specific topic.

EP Wealth Advisors Intern Program offers:

A 6-week paid internship that meets 3 days a week and may include an opportunity to work with advisors, directors, and officers from all departments of the operation.

Your first day would consist of an orientation that gives you a tour of the office and introduces you to each of the members as well as a one-on-one meeting with your specific mentee to find out what YOU want to get out of the Internship. Department activities may include:

Portfolio Management Experience

  • Work with our Associate Portfolio Manager, Geniffer Takacs and learn the thinking behind creating a diversified portfolio. She will share the EP process of analyzing investments, market research, and trading systems.

Finance Experience

Compliance Experience

Operations Experience

  • Work with our Director of Employee Enrichment/Partner, Sherryl Ray, to understand the operational side of EP Wealth by learning how to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, CRM task management, and understand the necessity of organization in delivering a first class client experience.

Financial Planning Experience

Marketing Experience

Financial Advisor Experience

Business Culture Experience

  • On top of department-based experience, you will learn the importance of EP Wealth’s culture. Learn how to work in a team-oriented environment, improve your communication skills and be able to participate in different projects.

Clients - Personal Financial Advisors for WomenHow EP's Externship Program Works

Our Externship Program for high school students was created to increase financial literacy and introduce them to Financial Services careers. During our two-day program, Externs will be introduced to the basics of personal finance and investing, college degree programs specific for financial career path as well as resume building. Externs may be eligible for consideration for our internship program in the future.

Start Investing in Your Future and Apply Today!

If you are interested in exploring either our extern or intern program, we ask that you submit a one page cover letter describing why you want a wealth management internship plus your resume to

If selected, the next part of the process would be an interview. Our team wants to get a better feel for who you are as a person, your skills, and your career goals.

The end goal of the intern program is to have interns undergo a valuable experience helping EP Wealth which also teaches them about what they like, builds professional skills, helps develop their financial literacy, makes connections, and builds out their resumes so they can pursue a career they are passionate about.

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