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Scott Sayre

Scott Sayre, CFP®, CFS, MS

Financial Planning Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Seeing grand, scenic vistas from remote Utah mountain trails doesn’t happen often enough for Scott Sayre. But when it comes to his daily work, there’s no shortage of “big pictures” in his mind. As Financial Planning Manager for the Utah Regional Office of EP Wealth, Scott analyzes the financial, legal, and tax implications of each client’s plan and then summarizes them into a format that can be easily understood. Scott prioritizes the details in each client’s plan, as he analyzes through different angles to see what potential strengths and issues are present. His expertise is recognized within the industry; Scott teaches and prepares finance professionals on a national level for the CFP® exam.

  • Scott received a B.S. in Business Management from Brigham Young University.

  • A “finance guy” since childhood, Scott remembers getting a money bag for a birthday present—a gift that foreshadowed his career vision for financial planning.


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