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Kristen Reeves

Kristen Reeves

Senior Client Relationship Associate

Central Coast, California

  • Kristen is responsible for opening, transferring, and maintaining accounts; handling wires and money; walking clients through online access and electronic processes; handling annual pension plan reporting; and troubleshooting the challenges one might encounter with their custodial accounts.

  • When she joined Wacker Wealth Partners over 23 years ago, Kristen had little knowledge of the financial services industry. But as a former court reporter, she already was an excellent listener. Combining this with great organizational skills and a genuine concern for the firm’s clients enabled her to work her way up to the Portfolio Administrator role she now fills at EP Wealth Advisors.

  • Serving in the Navy in a non-traditional role taught Kristen patience that complements the listening skills she honed as a court reporter. After starting as the receptionist at Wacker Wealth Partners she paid attention, and when the role of Account Services opened up, she stepped up.

  • Kristen currently is writing a book about her grandmother and her life, and has a second project that is a children's series about her dog. She spends an insane amount of time with her needy Bull Terrier, and has yet to become the successful gardener she’d like to be—but it's an ongoing struggle that she enjoys.


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