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Ryan Serrecchia
Executive Vice President and Partner
Certified Financial Planner®

Johnson & Wales University

Financial Tip
Start early. The sooner you start investing and developing a plan for your future the greater the likelihood of success. When you begin investing early and have a clear plan in place, it becomes much easier to stay the course through adverse times and therefore much easier to achieve your goals.
Ryan graduated in 1998 from Johnson + Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a degree in International Business. Ryan started in the Financial Services industry in 1999, where he eventually held an executive management position at Datek Online Financial Services, managing the Trading Services and Operational Departments. He then went on to spend time working as a Retirement Planning Specialists for AXA Advisors. In addition, Ryan also worked with TD Ameritrade as an Investment Consultant, where, in 2007, he was recognized as the number one representative in the country in offering Wealth Management Services to their clients. Ryan resides in Huntington Beach with his wife and daughter and enjoys surfing, playing sports, and cooking.

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