Asset TV: Defined Contribution September 2018

For my business owner clients, I often look into the construction of a retirement plan for their company that can also help them build their own retirement.


In Asset TV’s MasterClass Series, I was interviewed about the trends in the industry, and we go way into the weeds. Needless to say, I geek out about it and share my observations on the industry and how it can affect clients.


If you’re a small business owner and want to know more about small business financial planning, retirement planning and company retirement plans, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Ryan Schwartz entered the world of finance along a rather unorthodox path. In one eventful and enlightening summer, he went from being a Santa Cruz surfer kid to working on Wall Street for a hedge fund. The timing of it all made quite an impact on him. It was the beginning of the Great Recession and Ryan witnessed the consequences of a market crash firsthand. He discovered the importance of preserving capital. Ryan eventually moved from New York back to his native San Francisco Bay Area, where he joined Private Capital Management Associates (PCMA), a Registered Investment Advisor with a client base made up primarily of Silicon Valley tech professionals. Ryan rose quickly within the firm to lead Portfolio Management and Financial Planning. Ryan’s ability to tackle complex financial problems along with his enthusiasm for working with people has made him an effective advisor. In 2013 Ryan earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation. He is an active member of the Financial Planning Association of San Francisco. Ryan currently resides in San Francisco with his wife, Kristin. They enjoy many outdoor activities together, including hiking, surfing, and skiing (although Kristin prefers the cabin to the slopes).

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