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There is no guarantee of privacy in electronic communications. Electronic communications are stored and may be subject to review by EPWA, regulatory authorities, or others with a legal right to do so. Please notify EPWA if you no longer wish to receive communication via electronic means.

E-mail & Fax Communication

E-mail & Fax communication is not always reliable in its delivery, it can be easily misplaced or overlooked, and is not always read in a timely manner. Even though we do our best to avoid these situations, we cannot guarantee that communication sent via email and/or fax will be received, responded to or acted upon. To assure that your orders and/or account instructions are transmitted, please call EP Wealth Advisors, Inc. at 310-543-4559 or contact your respective custodian directly.

Third-party rankings

Third-party rankings are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly-ranked adviser does not ensure that you will experience a higher level of performance. No ranking or recognition should be construed as an endorsement of EPWA by any client.

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