How to Choose a Financial Advisor

So you’ve decided to work with a financial advisor. While some people want to work with an advisor to understand when they can retire or how much money they need for retirement, others are looking for someone to help them manage their investment strategy during volatile periods in the market. There are also folks who just want to combine their investment strategy, tax plan, estate plan, cash flow, real estate investments, health insurance, and Social Security into one comprehensive package.

This guide explores the potential value today’s financial advisors offer as well as things to consider as you look for a firm to help you. If you have $500,000 in investable assets, complete the form to get your copy of the guide, and request a complimentary meeting with an EP Wealth Advisor.

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About EP Wealth Advisors

Since 1999, EP Wealth has helped individuals, families, and businesses manage their decisions with dollar signs. With 36+ offices across the U.S., we bring a breadth of resources to every client engagement, so you have the support, guidance, and expertise available to help build a bright financial future. Our fee-only approach means we are objective in our investment recommendations. We are also a fiduciary, meaning we are required to make decisions in your best interest. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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