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Financial Advisor Magazine: The Three Tax Changes Most Confusing To Wealthy Clients

Posted on September 19, 2018

With the passing of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, many high net worth clients have asked what are some ways they can take advantage and adapt to the changes. Jeff Stimpson of Financial Advisor Magazine quoted me in his article, “The Three Tax Changes Most Confusing to Wealthy Clients”. I was able to give… Read more »

What is Succession Planning: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on May 22, 2017

It takes a forward-looking individual to launch and build a small business—someone with a rock-solid commitment to investing time and money in an organization based on its potential for future rewards. So it’s a bit ironic that, according to the Small Business Administration, only 30 percent of small-business owners have done any succession planning, let… Read more »