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For investors with more than $500,000 in investable assets, we offer a free Financial Health Assessment and Portfolio Review.

The Financial Health Assessment would include:

  • Free meeting or a call with an EP Wealth Advisor about your goals, your current situation, and the portfolio you have invested.
  • A follow up meeting where we would share our insights on your finances and your portfolio.

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Should you choose to join, that’s when you would have access to:

Should you choose to join, that’s when you would have access to:

  • A Strategically Diversified Portfolio invested with an allocation specific to your situation
  • A Peace of Mind Plan with financial analyses like:
  • tax projections
  • estate planning reviews
  • cash flow analyses
  • insurance analyses including Medicare and long-term care,
  • A Personal Financial Website with your finances at your fingertips on your phone or the internet.

Do You Have $500,000 in Investable Assets? If so,

Contact Us For a Free Financial Health Assessment

Still on the fence about a free Financial Health Assessment?
Talk to someone you trust

You don’t have to take our word for it, maybe you have a good friend or family member who has their finances and investments all together. We are such firm believers that we put an Advisor Selection Checklist for what we think you should consider when searching for a financial advisor. We urge you to download it and have a conversation about what makes a valuable financial advisor with your trusted friend, but there are three aspects that we deeply believe make a difference.

1. Fiduciary responsibility – this is the highest standard of responsibility in the financial services industry and means that advisors are legally obligated to provide advice in your best interest.

Why is this so important? Because if they aren’t a fiduciary, they may recommend products that cost you significantly more money.

2. Comprehensive financial planning – Many people say they do this, but ask about the analyses they provide their clients and if they have a financial planning department.

Why is this important? Because having someone help you with big financial decisions can make an impact on your overall financial picture, especially when you are going through a life-changing event like retirement, marriage, loss of a spouse, inheritance or, say, tax reform.

3. Does the advisor care? Arguably the hardest to judge, but easiest to feel. We have not only hired advisors that we believe are trustworthy, experienced, and skilled at helping people through the important decisions in life, but we have regular trainings to instill this ability. We call it The EP Way, and we work hard to ingrain it deep in our culture, from the advisor all the way to back office staff.

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Research shows that humans are not particularly-well equipped to handle money.

Research shows that humans are not particularly-well equipped to handle money.

Vanguard did a study showing that investors who have a financial advisor typically earn 3% more on their investments annually, largely based on “behavioral coaching.” That means helping people avoid getting out of the market when it’s low (think to yourself, what did you do in 2008 and 2009?), and buying into the market when the market is high.Buying and holding, one part of Warren Buffet’s famed strategy, is really not rocket science… but the reasons for its difficulty is neuroscience. In famed financial writer Jason Zweig’s book “Your Money and Your Brain”, he details that the neurological response to making money in the stock market is similar to having drugs in your system, and if you’re losing money, it’s similar to feeling in mortal danger. Neither of which are the best time to be making big financial decisions. That’s why we are such big believers in people having a financial advisor, especially a fiduciary. That objective help will benefit you greatly in the long run.


Want to know more about EP Wealth Advisors? It all started in a frozen yogurt shop…

Co-founders Brian Parker and Derek Holman have been friends since 6th grade, and they forged a friendship while serving frozen yogurt. They enjoyed working together and both were better with numbers than they were with soft serve. So after they went to college, they entered the finance industry because that’s where they thought they could help people the most.

In 1999, Brian and Derek founded the firm as a fiduciary, which legally obligates that the advisor provide advice in the best interest of the client. EP Wealth Advisors is on a mission to try to help as many people stop worrying about their finances and investments and start investing their lives in what’s important.

Since then, the firm has grown significantly with offices in 3 states, more than 20 advisors, more than 2,000 clients, and $3.29 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2017. EP Wealth Advisors plans to help more clients, and grow ourselves.

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The free financial health assessment referenced here is limited to, and can only be provided to, individuals with $500,000 or more in investable assets. The health assessment is limited to an initial call or meeting with an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) of EP Wealth Advisors to discuss and assess your current financial situation and a subsequent follow-up meeting or call to share our thoughts. No additional services will be provided. EP Wealth Advisors’ obligation is limited to extending an offer to provide these services. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting the free health assessment to accept the service offered. No guarantee or warranty can be made that any of the information discussed or relayed in these meetings will be suitable or relevant. The free financial health assessment is limited in nature and is not intended to be regarded as an attempt to provide comprehensive financial advice.