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People sometimes want to buy a company’s stock because they like the company or maybe they work there. But that alone doesn’t make it a good investment. Investors often get excited about IPOs. But the stock price on the day a company goes public is optimal for the seller. So why are you willing to be the buyer?

About Nikki
Nikki Chicotel brings five decades of professional financial experience to EP Wealth Advisors. Her interest in finance began about 45 years ago when she witnessed her mother follow the advice of a stockbroker and put all proceeds from her divorce settlement into a high-yield real estate investment trust. Her mother lost it all -- $35,000. At that point, Nikki vowed to learn everything she could about financial advising. Barely out of high school, she knew even then that there had to be a better way to do business. Her mom’s investment had been based on selling a product -- with the broker finding a client for that product. Nikki wanted to turn that idea around and put the client first. Nikki earned her broker’s license at age 21 and has been advising clients ever since. Prior to joining EP Wealth Advisors, she advised clients with Private Capital Management Associates LLC (PCMA), a boutique wealth management firm that she co-founded and ran for 15 years. Nikki instilled a client-focused approach at her former firm, which specialized in personalized service and a disciplined wealth management philosophy. Nikki believes a client never should feel like a number. She wants to know what’s going on in her clients’ lives, not just their portfolios. She works hard to earn their trust – and, true to her past, does not sell investment products. She is excited about partnering with EP Wealth Advisors because the firm embodies the same client-centric, independent fiduciary standards that have been the values of her own career. Additionally, EP Wealth Advisors will continue and expand upon her specialty services including investment management, financial planning for a client base of high-tech executives, scientists and engineers from the Silicon Valley, as well as executives for major retail companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nikki also is a strong supporter of EP Wealth’s commitment to provide better services for female clients and recruit more female advisors. When Nikki became a broker in 1972 and when she co-founded PCMA in 2003, she broke through gender barriers in what was a highly male-dominated industry. Nikki lives in Half Moon Bay, Calif., where she enjoys cooking – so much so that she reads cookbooks like any other book. She also collects antique buttons and attends conventions for collectors. It’s a quirky thing to do, but Nikki loves learning about history and art through the buttons. “They truly are windows on the world,” she says.
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