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About Rebeca

Rebeca Diaz brought more than 15 years of Big Four public accounting experience to her role at EP Wealth Advisors when she joined the firm in 2022. Rebeca previously served in a variety of roles at KPMG, where she used her expertise in areas including expat tax and global mobility to advise her multinational Fortune 500 and 100 clients on all things related to their mobile population and the tax implications of their movement. Rebeca provided advice in designing, improving, and running her clients’ global payroll programs in Latin America, assisting to resolve Social Security/Medicare issues, Certificate of Coverage, and residency certificate applications, researching international tax treaties, and various filings related to foreign entities, properties and investments. An IRS Enrolled Agent, Rebeca is well versed in individual tax preparation, dealing with tax authority notices and audits, and year-end/estimate tax calculations. In her role at EP Wealth, Rebeca is excited to learn new skills and acquire a deeper knowledge of the financial implications and planning possibilities presented by taxpayers’ wealth, financial and retirement strategies, including investments and trusts. Beyond financial matters, Rebeca loves all things home related, including home improvement, renovation, organization, gardening, cooking and baking. She also enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors. She has a strong affinity towards youth education causes and has volunteered regularly throughout the years for the Boys and Girls Club, KidWorks and United Way. And she has been a board member of ALPFA Orange County, as well as a recipient of city, state and federal congressional recognition for her involvement in the organization’s Women of ALPFA marquee annual event.

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California State University, Fullerton. B.A., Business Administration and General Management Enrolled Agent

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