Lily Wallace

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Client Relationship Associate
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About Lily

Born in California and raised in Utah, Lily earned a B.S. at the University of Utah and attended Westminster College for Graduate Studies in professional communications. Lily has worked in cosmetology, government, and healthcare. Each of these professions has taught Lily the value of client relationships, strict adherence to laws, rules, and regulations, as with astute attention to detail. Additionally, she has lived in several Western states, and is convinced Montana is the Garden of Eden, Hawaii comes in second. Her wanderlust has taken her to 38 different states, but Utah has always been home. She’s mastered an unusual number of skills: painting and especially pottery; Aikido; fossil hunting, with two catalogued finds in the Smithsonian; Cycling; and gourmet cooking. When time allows, she relishes every moment with her two children, three grandchildren, and family. She values justice, personal integrity, and responsibility. Lily brings similar passion and values to helping EP Wealth clients achieve their financial goals.

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University of Utah, B.S., Westminster College for Graduate Studies in professional communications

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