Daniel Keyes

California State Icon Torrance, California
Senior IT Associate
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About Daniel

Daniel Keyes brought more than eight years of information technology experience to EP Wealth Advisors when he joined the firm in 2022. Daniel says the wealth management field is a perfect fit for him because it applies the technology that’s a huge part of his life in an industry that’s dedicated to something else he loves: “money!” He finds developing technological solutions and working in a field that feeds his endless curiosity is an amazing opportunity, and he loves being part of the EP Wealth team. Daniel is a licensed real estate agent and a third-generation carpenter who had years of woodworking experience before moving his career into the digital realm. He also narrowly avoided a future in television when he was supposed to be on an episode of Wheel of Fortune, but missed the taping. When he’s not solving IT challenges, Daniel enjoys hanging with his girls, tinkering with tech things and viewing random restoration videos on YouTube—even restoring watches fascinates him. From time to time, he helps It Takes a Village Foundation, the non-profit his family is involved with.

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West Los Angeles College

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