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About David

David Glotzer has more than 25 years of wealth management experience. He joined the EP Wealth Advisors team in 2021, and previously held positions at Mindful Money, City National Bank and BNY Mellon Private Wealth Management. David gets great satisfaction from engaging with and assisting his clients, whose ages have ranged from their forties to beyond 100, and whose lifestyles range from retirement to working into their eighties and beyond. He’s rewarded by working with psychoanalysts, writers, and others in professions such as law, as well as those in business. David has worked with many clients for more than a decade, and some for more than two. Since 1997, he has attended monthly estate planning councils dealing with current thinking on issues impacting estate planning, in addition to corporate trainings with regard to the economy, markets, portfolio construction and other investment disciplines that impact clients with high and ultra-high net worth. Prior to entering wealth management, David was the editor/publisher and writer for a small publisher, Mulch Press, which was covered by The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The Christian Science Monitor, The Village Voice and others. He also was founding Director of the first Urban County Fair in California—the San Francisco Fair and Exposition, in June 1972 in Moscone Center. His history with nonprofit organizations includes being first Chairman of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, President of the Board of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, and a board member for many years of Playground, a development and support organization for new playwrights. David and his wife share their home with their son and daughter in law, and their two granddaughters. His hobbies include vigorous games of ping-pong, walking, hiking and camping.

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Columbia College, English Language and Literature/Letters
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S. History

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