Ana Liogi

California State Icon Torrance, California
Marketing Services Manager
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About Ana

Ana Liogi had 15 years of experience in the money-remittance segment of the financial services industry when she joined EP Wealth Advisors in 2022. Ana’s previous responsibilities included multiple roles at the international digital banking, remittance and payment solutions provider Usend. There she had the opportunity to work as a Customer Service Manager, Senior Compliance Analyst, Marketing Coordinator and Branding & Communications Lead. At EP Wealth, Ana is very excited to work with a financial advisory company that offers services that positively impact people’s lives with transparency and respect. On weekends, she looks forward to spending time with her family, and enjoying the outdoors, parks, the beach and hiking. Born and raised in Brazil, Ana moved to LA 18 years ago to study English and decided to stay. Traveling to experience different cultures, food, history, architecture and traditions is still one of her great loves.

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UEL, Master’s Degree in Fashion

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