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EP Wealth Advisors, LLC (EPWA) has partnered with Mindful Money to offer individuals the opportunity to participate in a financial education course free of cost if the coupon code provided is utilized. EPWA is independent of and not affiliated or associated with Mindful Money. However, Mindful Money is operated as an Outside Business Activity and owned by Jonathan DeYoe an employee of EPWA. Mr. DeYoe independently retains any profits and revenue that Mindful Money generates. As such, Mr. DeYoe is incentivized to recommend paid subscriptions and services offered by Mindful Money. EPWA has partnered with Mindful Money in an isolated manner to offer a singular course for educational purposes. Participants of this offer are not encouraged, nor is this an endorsement by EPWA, to pursue additional paid courses, paid subscriptions or any other service offered by Mindful Money.

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