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Working with EP Wealth Advisors, you will benefit from decades of investment experience, the assistance of professionals with highly specialized training and access to institutional level investments through our partnerships with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., TD Ameritrade and Fidelity Investments. While we believe there are many quality custodians in the market, we have decided upon these three due to their size, efficient internal systems and outstanding service platforms.

What makes EP Wealth Advisors different?

  • An experienced investment committee consisting of CFA charterholders researching the markets and managing portfolios on an ongoing basis
  • An experienced team of CFP® certificants carefully analyzing the financial planning needs of each client
  • Institutional level investment products, research and trading services
  • Multiple bond distributors to increase the options available to our clients and to create a better opportunity for cost savings
  • Access to institutional alternative investment vehicles to assist in lowering portfolio volatility
  • Customization and flexibility with each client’s holdings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          At EP Wealth Advisors, we practice holistic financial planning, which takes into account all of the elements of your financial picture rather than just isolated pieces of it. In this way, we can create a financial plan that considers everything that is important to you – your specific goals, ideals, risk tolerance, and lifestyle, both present and future. The goal of this process is to find the best solutions for you, including the most appropriate investment vehicles.

How Does the Concept of Holistic Financial Planning Work?

Holistic financial planning starts with an initial meeting with your financial advisor so that he can gather as much information as possible regarding your future goals and objectives, as well as your current financial situation. Next, all of the data gathered at the preliminary meeting is analyzed for the purpose of formulating a strategy based on your financial needs. It is here that your specific goals and objectives are laid out and considered with regard to wealth creation, management of debt, taxes, risk, and future estate planning needs.

During this second phase of the holistic financial planning process, we determine which investment vehicles will be best for you, and then execute the transactions to implement the plan. The last stage of the holistic financial planning process includes regular monitoring and review of the plan. Since change is a constant in life, your financial goals and needs are likely to change over time and we ensure that your plan is updated accordingly.

Holistic financial planning is not a “once and done” exercise; rather it involves regular portfolio reviews, strategy sessions and tax considerations to ensure that the plan continues to serve your needs.

What Is Involved in Holistic Financial Planning?

The concept of holistic financial planning encompasses a number of different aspects of your life, in order to include the many areas of your financial situation and responsibility – either to yourself, or to your loved ones and beneficiaries in the future. The various factors that are involved in holistic financial planning can include:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   These componentseach requiring separate types of strategies and techniques – all work together in providing you with an overall holistic financial planning approach that will carry you through the various phases of your life.

Contact us and ask how we can construct an overall financial planning strategy to move you through today and well into the future.

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